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The Linkup Flying Squad

We had our first meeting at Lambourne End Centre during half term. Alongside ice breaking and team building games we looked at lots of ideas to be of service to our community.

Helping the lonely or elderly. Ideas included serving at the strawberry tea at Stapleford Abbotts Hall, visiting individuals and offering regular help.

Caring for the parishes. Ideas included doing a litter pick up during the summer holidays, sowing wild flower seeds in the autumn, supporting Lambourne parish flower areas.

Caring for our countryside Ideas included nature walks, working with Essex Wildlife Trust to do surveys, nest boxes and building friendly habitats.

Helping groups. Ideas included fund raising, cake sales, sponsored events and helping Lambourne End Outdoor Centre.

We are setting up a contact list to keep everyone informed and to exchange ideas. Anyone at year 6 or over can join the Flying Squad and help wherever they can. We will have occasional meetings of everyone but not regular weekly meetings.

Our first definite activities are

1. To help with the Wimbledon Strawberry tea at Stapleford Abbotts Village Hall at 4.30pm on Sunday July 3rd

2. To do a litter pick up in Abridge during the Summer holiday which Tony Carter is arranging.

3. To help at the Lambourne End Outdoor Centre on Sunday 11th September

4. To work with Essex Wild Life Trust on surveys for the churchyards

More details from Roger Gayler at or 01992-815838  

and Mandy McCormack at

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